Popping a Pill for Pigmentation – will it work

It seems counter-intuitive to take a pill for a skin problem. However, this is not a new concept or recent technology. Oral supplements for skin have existed for decades in the form of vitamins, minerals and even ingredients which make up our own skin and hair, such as collagen and keratin supplements.


Before parting with your money on oral skin supplements, you need to ask these FOUR questions:

  1. Can the ingredients be absorbed through our human gut?
  2. Once absorbed, can sufficient levels of the active ingredients reach the site of action where it is needed, for example, the epidermis of the skin?
  3. What effects do those ingredients have on our skin?
  4. Are they safe to consume?

Oral supplements for pigmentation are not new. In fact, The Skin Pharmacy has been looking to develop oral supplements for pigmentation as far back as 2015. But it’s a good thing we waited because in recent years, advances in this field have resulted in newer and better ingredients.

And now, The Skin Pharmacy is ready with its own range of natural oral supplements for pigmentation – TSP LUMINOS and TSP LUMINOS PLUS+



  • The active ingredients in both products are colourless caretonoids (known as Phytoene and Phytofluene), extracted from tomatoes.
  • Both products also contain Vitamin C which acts as an anti-oxidant and has collagen building properties.
  • TSP LUMINOS PLUS+ has an additional ingredient, Hydroxytyrosol – the main antioxidant found in olives.

Will TSP LUMINOS and TSP LUMINOS PLUS+ work for pigmentation?

Let’s put TSP LUMINOS and TSP LUMINOS PLUS+ through our FOUR ‘must-ask’ questions:

I.   Can the ingredients be absorbed through the gut?
All the active ingredients in TSP LUMINOS and TSP LUMINOS PLUS+ have been proven to be readily absorbed in humans.

II.  Once absorbed, can sufficient levels of the active ingredients reach the site of action where it is needed, for example, the epidermis of the skin?
After consuming tomatoes, reasonably high concentrations of Phytoene and Phytofluene were found in blood and tissue samples
Studies have also shown preferential accumulation of these ingredients in certain organs, including the skin.

III. What effects do these ingredients have on our skin?
Clinical studies with Phytoene and Phytofluene (from tomatoes) have demonstrated:

  • Significant improvement in the skin’s ability to protect against the sun damage after 84 days
  • Skin lightening effects in at least 82% of study participants
  • An overall improvement in skin quality such as hydration, suppleness and texture

Vitamin C defends the skin against oxidative stress and is also an important component in the building of the skin’s collagen

Hydroxytyrosol (from olives) has strong anti-oxidant effects which:

  1. Protects against free radical damage and the oxidative stress process.
  2. Hydroxytyrosol has also demonstrated good skin lightening benefits on its own, with effects seen from as early as 60 days after starting treatment. It is believed to work by promoting the production of the fair melanin instead of the dark melanin.

IV.  Are they safe to consume?

  • Clinical studies done on these active ingredients have not been found to cause any side effects when taken orally. Yes, they are as safe as eating tomatoes and olives.
  • The only ones who need to avoid these products are people who are allergic to tomatoes and olives.

In summary:
The clinical data strongly supports the efficacy and benefits offered by these ingredients when consumed orally for pigmentation. However, like with topical products for treating pigmentation, expectations need to be managed and it really depends on how these products are taken.
Pigmentation is a life-long problem and the solution is a life-long commitment. Improvements with TSP LUMINOS and TSP LUMINOS PLUS+ are seen from as early as 2-3 months but like with all health supplements, optimum benefits are achieved with daily consumption together with other UV protection steps such as using sunscreen and topical anti-pigmentation products.

For more information on these products, please visit our stores and speak to our friendly staff.

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