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A recent American survey of 3000 women aged between 16-75 years old, found that women, on average, apply 16 products on their skin daily! Take a look at your own skincare cabinet and you probably won’t be surprised at this statistic.

Having great skin doesn’t necessarily need 16 products. Here is my list of the essential skincare needed in every cabinet. 

These items are the backbone of good skin and should be used by everyone on a daily basis.
1. Cleanser
Removing unseen dirt and grime from our skin daily is not only about hygiene. A good performing cleanser can also remove make-up and encourage skin renewal.
2. Moisturiser
Keeping the skin hydrated is the foundation of having healthy skin. Choosing the suitable type (in the form of gels, creams and lotions) is the key to finding the right balance between oils and moisture.

3. Sunscreen
This is the most important anti-ageing product in my books! It’s important to start the sunscreen habit from young. Daily protection from harmful UV rays delays your skin’s DNA damage, delaying signs of wrinkles and pigmentation. ​
Natural Sunscreen SPF 50

1. Toner
The role of toners is controversial – what do they really do? Most toners are formulated with astringents which leads to a skin tightening effect. This is often mistaken as a pore-closing effect which is transient.
In my view, toners help to remove the remnant cleansers through its action of being applied with a cotton pad and wiping motion. Some toners contain hydrating ingredients or skin renewal ingredients which benefit skin. Do be aware that many toners contain alcohol, a commonly used astringent, which may lead to further skin dryness or irritation.
2. Serums
The most potent (and probably most expensive) item in your skincare cabinet, serums are usually formulated to target deep-seated problems such as wrinkles, sagging skin or pigmentation. If you have specific skin concerns, it’s good to invest in a high-performance serum!

Total Care Intensive Repair Eye Gel
​3. Eye gel

Eye products are designed specially for the often-neglected delicate area around the eyes. Gels or serums are preferred as they do not contain oils and reduces the problems of milia or oil-seed formation around the eye area..

4. Face masks
The function of masks is often underestimated. If you are time-short and need a quick skin boost, leaving on a hydrating face mask for 20 minutes can do wonders. Depending on the type, using a mask regularly as directed can be as powerful as putting on skin serums.

1. Make-up
Who really needs make-up when you have good skin to show off? But once in a while, it’s nice to add some colour to our face or cover some minor flaws. Primer, foundation, powder, concealer, eye make-up, blusher, lipstick – yes, these are the basics in our make-up cabinet. Do keep a look out for expiry dates as make-up can go off over time.

Natural Make-Up Remover2. Make-up remover
If you wear heavy-duty oil-based make-up such as mascaras or strong foundations, it’s important to use a make-up remover each night before cleaning your face. For lighter make-up such as powders, a good cleanser should do the job. 

​In 2018, the first thing I’ll be doing is to look into my own skincare cabinet, making sure I have the MUST-HAVES and SHOULD-HAVES, throwing out expired products and keeping my resolution of being diligent with my skincare!

Happy 2018 and may your year be filled with success, happiness and excellent skin!

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